IMK Engineering: Produkt


Individual as our customers - custom-made products


We realise any projects with the nature of an individual project like welding or machining fixtures, test rigs, prototypes and customer specific special solutions as follows:

  • complex welded structures
  • complex assambled structures
  • electric assembly work 
  • prototype manufacturing
  • commissioning / factory acceptance test
  • on-site assembling and commissioning
  • relief in organisation, supervision of manufacturing, process technology
  • delivery of parts and assemblies according to the customers QSB   

Mobile measurment service

  • technical measurment supervision of manufacturing
  • material testing upon arrival
  • measurement, gauge and alignof any machines or fixtures in all industrial sections
  • measurement of robot-grippers
  • pegging of workshop or equipment layouts
  • measurement of robot-bases
  • best fit measurment against CAD-model
  • measurement of big-volume objects 

FARO ION Tracker

FARO Fusion Arm