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Standard-compliant, customer-specific documentation

  • Drawing creation according to customer specifications
  • Parts lists
  • Assembly instructions
  • Operating instructions
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Repair instructions
  • Commissioning protocols
  • CE Declarations of Conformity
  • Data sheets
  • Hazard analyses
  • FMEA during development
  • Data input into the customer-specific ERP system

Wheel loader

Compact diesel-hydraulically driven loader for use at low roadway heights. The operator's platform integrated in the load section of the machine provides the operator with optimum visibility during work. The field of application ranges from mining, tunneling and subway construction to driving caverns and supply shafts in dam construction.

Micro Mobile Loader

Complete development of a particularly compact and powerful travel loader for heavy-duty use in hard rock.

The operator's platform integrated in the load section of the machine provides the operator with optimum visibility during work. The field of application ranges from mining, tunneling, and subway railroad construction to the excavation of caverns and supply shafts in dam construction. The steering of the crawler loader, the lifting and tipping function of the bucket is realized by means of electro-hydraulic joy sticks.

Basic vehicle for concrete spraying machine

  • Complete design of the mechanics, electrics, hydraulics and strength verification of the welding assemblies of a mobile concrete spraying mesh
  • Integration of the latest exhaust technology for diesel engines.
  • FOPS / ROPS Verification of the operator station
  • Production of the chassis in the in-house workshop.

Blast hole drill rig

Extra low-profile double-arm blast hole drill rig for underground use in a platinum mine in South Africa. Both a diesel-hydraulic and an electro-hydraulic drive are installed in the vehicle. The drill rig is operated by remote control.

Robbery vehicle

Electro-hydraulically driven recovery vehicle for roadway protection. A powerful hydraulic hammer is mounted at the end of the swiveling telescopic boom. The hammer is used to remove loose boulders from the ridge. During the robbing process, the articulated machine is stabilized by means of a hydraulic support.


Electro-hydraulically driven mining machine for driving roadways and supply shafts in hard rock. The machine can be operated from the operator's platform as well as by remote control.

Military special vehicle "TOKEH

Light reconnaissance vehicle, IVECO diesel engine, all-wheel drive, low range, torsion bar suspension, level control, differential locks, decoupleable anti-roll bars, tire pressure control system

Military special vehicle "AMPV

  • Predevelopment steering system
  • Predevelopment tank system
  • Predevelopment exhaust system
  • Development, calculation and delivery of aggregate carrier and engine hood for prototypes

Lift and turn device

Lifting-turning device for the production of military vehicles for painting, sandblasting and final assembly

Forestry tractor

Lightweight thinning forwarder, hydrostatically driven with 2-speed powershift transmission.

Set-up kit for mine detection

Set-up Combat Reconnaissance and Identification

Dump truck

Mechanical design and strength verification of the welded assemblies according to the customer's specifications. Modular structure, which allows the derivation of other series with little adaptation effort. Removable bumper, which facilitates the installation motor and maintenance of the drive components.

Harvester head